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Innovative Collaboration: Showcasing COMPAIR Air Quality Solutions at the Annual POLIS Conference

POLIS conference bike tour

Last week at the annual POLIS Conference in Leuven, Belgium, cities and regions across Europe converged to spotlight their advancements in sustainable urban mobility. Among the many engaging events, participants were treated to a bicycle tour (picutred above) that was organised by Transport & Mobility Leuven, Telraam, and Mobiel 21.

As part of this cycling expedition, we had the pleasure of introducing participants to the COMPAIR project. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the functionality of the mobile SODAQ fine dust air quality sensor and, following the tour, present the measurement outcomes using the pioneering Dynamic Exposure Visualisation Dashboard (DEV-D) from the COMPAIR project.

We sincerely thank TML and Telraam for hosting this enriching experience in their new facility. Not only did they provide us with a fantastic venue, but they also offered insights into captivating TML-related projects within the city of Leuven.


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