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Ready to Velo-City?

Updated: Jun 14

Next week 18, 19 and 20 June COMPAIR is co-organising a guided tour in Ghent as part of the Velo-City conference. The route measures almost 9 km in length and will take just under an hour to complete.

During the tour, you will learn how the City of Ghent and its partners use innovative technologies and data to make the city safer, healthier, more accessible and cleaner.

Representatives of COMPAIR (Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij, Digitaal Vlaanderen, Telraam) will introduce innovative technologies designed to improve environmental awareness, support behavioural change, and promote data driven policy making in cities and regions. One of the tools will be DEV-D (Dynamic Exposure Visualisation Dashboard). Using data from SODAQ air sensors, DEV-D visualises air pollution in different colours while people are on the move. The results show which parts of their journey have high pollution concentration, and which ones are safe to use.

Air qualilty along the route shown in Dynamic Exposure Visualisation Dashboard (DEV-D)

DEV-D visualisation

In addition, the City of Ghent will teach you everything about their permanent bike counters and how the data is used. Imec will then tell you everything about the Megabits project in which data from various sources such as Telraam and bike counters are collected. Last but not least, you will also visit the newest bike parking where a bike detection system automatically detects orphan bikes. As a bonus, you will cycle past some state-of-the-art cycling infrastructures (bridges and tunnels) and the famous F400 cycle highway ring road.



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