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Two Schools In Sofia Join COMPAIR To Measure Air Quality

Air Quality | Sensors | Sofia

Fourth-grade students from two largest schools in Sofia - 18 "William Gladstone" Secondary School and 32 "St. Kliment Ohridski" Secondary School - participated in seminars about clean air, as part of the COMPAIR project. This was a perfect opportunity for them to become more familiar with air pollutants and the different ways of measuring them. Children were really curious about air pollution and the project; they actively participated in the class by asking and answering questions on the topic.

The COMPAIR team from Sofia brought a few sensors for students to play with. One DIY device they even assembled themselves! Mobile and static sensors were then placed in the classroom and around the school to measure PM 2.5, PM10, temperature and air humidity.

After this 'static' measurement campaign, students will be able to use mobile sensors to measure air pollution on their way to home/school (dynamic exposure).

Some of the children are already using the bus service provided by the Sofia Municipality for these schools. The measure significantly eases traffic around the school areas during peak hours, especially in the morning, and is expected to also reduce air pollution. The impact on air pollution will be monitored through the installed sensors.

Sofia students learning about air pollution and sensors at COMPAIR workshop



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