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Showcasing Citizen Science Results in Sint-Niklaas

Event flyer

How can citizens and governments work together to make cities smarter and more sustainable? That is the central question to be addressed at next week's event (25.06.2024) in Sint-Niklaas, Flanders.

In the first part, participants will learn about the city of Sint-Niklaas and how it's using citizen science to bolster the local traffic model to inform mobility policies. Representatives of another Flemish city Herzele will then take the floor to share their experience with citizen science to create a safer school environment. Next, experts will introduce the audience to the science and technology behind the different tools used in COMPAIR (sensors, apps, dashboards).

After lunch, it's time for a study visit to the Sint-Niklaas Station (Vijfstraten). There, the group will get a chance to see citizen science in action, namely how sensors are being used to monitoring cycling traffic near the station after the opening of a new bicycle bridge in the area. But that's not all. Participants will also see their cumulative exposure to air pollution at the end of the trip, with the result displayed on the dashboard called DEV-D.

Event location

Expohal ‘t Bau-huis (foyer)

Slachthuisstraat 60

9100 Sint-Niklaas

Event agenda (Dutch)

Agenda of a citizen science event in Sint-Niklaas



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