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Projects in Air Quality Cluster Learn About COMPAIR Digital Tools

The Air Quality Cluster promotes knowledge sharing between EU funded projects working at the intersection of citizen science and air quality monitoring. It includes COMPAIR, GreenScent, Socio-Bee, and I-CHANGE.

Air Quality Cluster meeting

On 30 March 2023 the cluster met again to take stock of each other’s results. For COMPAIR it was an opportunity to showcase its digital tools that are currently being developed. These are

  • The Dynamic Exposure Visualisation App (DEVA)

  • The Policy Monitoring Dashboard (PMD)

  • The CO2 calculator and simulator

DEVA uses Augmented Reality (AR) to show people air pollution around them. AR visualises air pollution as floating particles such as spheres, stars, pins or cubes. Pollution intensity can be visualised as clouds in gradients of green (low), yellow (moderate) and red (high). When ready, DEVA will also show temperature and humidity, and will include gamification features to reward users for providing correct answers about air pollution, or for taking clean, less polluted routes to work/school/home.

AR based Dynamic Exposure Visualisation App

PMD is a visualisation and analytics platform for air quality and traffic data. The final version will display data from multiple sources (COMPAIR, Terlaam, European Environmental Agency, and will allow users to drill deeper into data to gain new insight. For example, currently the platform is only showing the number of cars that pass through a street, but the ambition is to enable comparison of traffic flows before and after some event, such as a school street.

Policy Monitoring Dashboard

The third tool is the CO2 calculator and simulator. It helps people to measure their carbon footprint by answering questions on flights, recycling, travel, energy use and so on. Individual results are then calculated and presented in relation to a country’s or EU average. Where there is room for improvement, the calculator provides recommendations on how to offset CO2 emissions in the area concerned. The simulator, for its part, will show which actions are needed from individuals and the government to meet Green Deal targets.

CO2 calculator

In the coming weeks we will launch a series of blog articles to introduce all three tools, starting with DEVA. Watch this space!



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