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Measuring Traffic And Air Quality Together In And Around Sint-Niklaas' Vogelkeswijk District

The city of Sint-Niklaas is continuing to work towards safer and healthier residential areas and school environments in 2024. Our Flemish pilot is organising a citizen science campaign where residents will be counting traffic and measuring air quality in their street.

Sint-Niklaas speed limit 30 km


Telraam is a traffic counter that needs to be placed in front of the window facing the street. The device automatically transmits counts of cyclists, pedestrians, cars and heavy traffic, among others. Gathered data provides insight into the traffic on your street, how it varies daily, what the average speed is, et cetera. All measurements can be found at

Interested volunteers who meet the requirements (see below) will be provided with a Telraam device for the duration of the measurement campaign. People will be guided through the installation process, with an option to come to a workshop, to be organised at a later stage, to learn more about collected measurements and results.


  • You live in one of these streets (see perimeter map below): Vinkenlaan, Zwaluwenlaan, Mussendreef, Nachtegalenlaan, Lepelhoekstraat, Tortelduifstraat, Houtduifstraat, Heistraat or Begijnenstraat

  • You have a property with a window facing the street

  • This window must have a completely unobstructed view of the street. So there should be no lighting poles, trees or structures blocking the view

  • This window is on the first or second floor and not on the ground floor. This gives the best view

  • There is no fly window or shutter in front of this window

  • You are willing to count for at least 6 months

  • You have an electrical outlet near the window (or you can work via an extension cord)

Zone of measurement campaign in Sint-Niklaas


Are you interested? Do you meet the requirements? Then be sure to register before 12 February 2024 via this link.

Background info & project partners

Traffic counts with Telraam are part of a wider compaign that also focuses on static and dynamic air quality (NO2) measurements. Four NO2 sensor boxes will be deployed in the neighbourhood at a later date.

The partners involved for the pilot project in the city of Sint-Niklaas are:

Sint-Niklaas pilot project partners



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