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COMPAIR Joins the Market of Opportunities for Better Air Measurement in Berlin's Grafekiez

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

COMPAIR introduced its citizen science approach for air measurement and traffic counting to local people in the Grafekiez neighbourhood of Berlin.

COMPAIR team promoting citizen science on the streets of Berlin

On 22 April 2023 all visitors to the Graefekiez had the opportunity to get to know the neighbourhood in a new way at the "Market of Opportunities". In addition to the lively atmosphere and good mood on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Projekt Graefekiez invited citizens to comment on the new mobility plan designed to create more livable urban space by increasing traffic safety, improving last-mile deliveries, and creating better access to shared mobility services. inter 3 and COMPAIR were there too of course!

Air measurement & traffic counting campaign

Supported by the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) and Fraunhofer HHI, COMPAIR presented its citizen science approach to all passers-by. The Graefekiez is one of the priority zones in which citizens can use air measurements and traffic counts to collect data on mobility and the effects of certain interventions such as no parking zones. Both the information provided on the mobility plan and the Citizen Science project was met with great interest from people in the neighborhood. The COMPAIR team was busy all day talking to people which led to the recruitment of some visitors for the upcoming air measurements and traffic counts campaign. A big success!

Recruitment is ongoing, you can still join!

Everyone who would like to become a citizen scientist can register their interest here. In case you are wondering how your contribution can make an impact. At the "Market of Opportunities" event, residents and tradespeople from the neighborhood were able to share their concerns, ideas and wishes for Projekt Graefekiez. Topics cover everything from seating arrangement to noise to travel restrictions.

Projekt Graefekiez is organized by the Berlin Science Center and supported and managed on-site by paper planes e.V. In addition to COMPAIR, the Zukunft Straße team is also involved in the project headed by Berlin21 and Naturfreunde Berlin. As part of Projekt Graefekiez, the ideas and wishes of the residents of the neighborhood are going to be turned into small projects that will be implemented in the coming months.

And we almost forgot, here's a short video to mark all the good fun we had at the "Market of Opportunities".



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