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Herzele Leads The Way In School Street Impact Monitoring By Schools And Residents

In the Burgemeester Matthysstraat in Herzele, a test installation of a school street is planned. To monitor the effect of this installation on traffic in this street and the surrounding streets, on March 10th, 2023, a group of 20 citizens and 3 schools from Herzele centre started using their Telraam. Telraam is a smart traffic counter that counts cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and heavy traffic, which is attached to the window by the citizens.

The impact of the installation on air quality will also be mapped in April, together with citizens and schools of Herzele. The planned air quality measurements will monitor nitrogen dioxide, soot, and fine dust.

An accessible dashboard collects, analyses, and communicates all results of the measurements.

In this project, citizens are not only involved in the measurements in the data collection process, but they also get a good overview of the impact of mobility measures via the dashboard. In addition, the participating schools also deploy teaching materials stimulating students to think more broadly about mobility based on the information gained from traffic counts and air quality monitoring.

The partners involved in the COMPAIR pilot project in Herzele are the municipality of Herzele, Intercommunale SOLVA, Sint-Paulusinstitute, Vrije Basisschool Herzele, GBS De Kersentuin, Digital Flanders, the Flemish Environment Agency, Mobiel 21 and Telraam.



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