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COMPAIR Launches New Climate Change Video

How can citizen science, sensors and data make a difference to climate change?

The COMPAIR project is delighted to announce the launch of its new explainer video, which aims to unpack some of the mystery around citizen science and why it can be a powerful weapon against climate change.

The video is entitled 'Together for better air" and draws attention to the pervasive and not-always-positive effects of people's behaviour in their local environments. The project hopes that by discussing some of these effects and highlighting the potential of citizen science to mitigate them, we can open up a conversation about greener actions and policies and encourage people to work with the public sector to change lives.

The need for clean air has become one of the biggest challenges of urban life in recent years. COMPAIR aims to empower people and communities to be able to use digital sensors and dashboards to capture and understand local air quality. Armed with new intelligence they are better placed to affect societal change and influence policy making.

You can view the animation here:



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