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COMPAIR Highlights the Value of Citizen Science at GEO Week 2021

GEO Week 2021 is themed around ,Accelerating Action, and the COMPAIR team were thrilled to be invited to be part of the movement with an invitation to present on the 'Showcasing the EuroGEO Regional Initiative' on Thursday 25th November.

COMPAIR shared the stage with a number of other projects including the HARMONIA initiative which sets out to fight climate change through a resilience assessment tool, the EIFFEL project which is augmenting existing GEOSS data sets and SAFERS which is using earth observation data to fight forest fires.

With a strong narrative around how GEO data can be used to improve lives and create a more resilient planet, Lieven Raes, COMPAIR coordinator, took the panel and the audience through COMPAIRS approach to collect citizen science data using low-cost, portable, air-quality sensors. Lieven explained how the quality of the data is raised to be used not just by citizens themselves, but also by decision-support tools within a city, for example a Digital Twin. The slide below lists the the 3 key ways COMPAIR enhances the value of sensor data.

Closing with a call to action Lieven stated that 'change requires all of us to be on the same page'. Together we can push an agenda of citizen science to deliver data that helps everyone realise climate change goals.

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