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Calling Volunteers In Sint-Niklaas To Measure Cycling Traffic Near The Bicycle Bridge

The Province of East Flanders, together with the City of Sint-Niklaas and COMPAIR, is working to make the region's neighbourhoods safer and healthier. To this end, the partnership wants to measure cycling traffic near the Vijfstraten bicycle bridge that opens on 5 May 2024.

Vijfstraten bicycle bridge

Vijfstraten bicycle bridge

The measurement campaign will focus on areas to the north and south of the station, with Telraam devices set up at residents' homes, existing bike paths, and the bridge itself.

What is Telraam?

Telraam is a small traffic counter that you fix on a window facing the street. Telraam automatically captures and transmits information about the number of cyclists, pedestrians, cars and heavy traffic. This way you can see the overall traffic, how it varies during the day, average speed, et cetera. All measurements are available at


If you are interested and meet a number of requirements, you will be provided with a Telraam sensor for the duration of the campaign. You will be guided through the installation process with clear instructions and we will also organize a workshop at a later date in which you as a participant will learn more about the collected measurements and the results. You can also make your own analysis of the traffic in your street via the Telraam website.

Requirements (geo)

  1. Noordlaan (corner of Herdersstraat)

  2. Slachthuisstraat (near Noordlaan)

  3. Oosterlaan (R42): between Hofstraat and Broodstraat + Kleine Laan: between Broodstraat and Stationsplein

  4. Oosterlaan: between Vermorgenstraat and Tabakstraat

  5. Oude Molenstraat: on the Minderbroedersstraat

Monitoring locations for the traffic measurement campaign in Sint-Niklaas

Monitoring locations

Requirements (other)

  • Your property has a window facing the street

  • The window must have a completely unobstructed view of the street; no lighting poles, trees or structures blocking the view

  • The window is on the first or second floor and not on the ground floor. This gives the best view

  • There is no fly-window or shutter in front of the window

  • You are willing to count for at least 3 months

  • You have an electrical outlet near the window (or you can work through an extension cord)


Logos of the Region of East Flanders, City of Sint-Niklaas, and COMPAIR



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