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Athens, Berlin, Flanders, Plovdiv, Sofia
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How Does It Work?

COMPAIR is an EU funded citizen science initiative designed to help anyone, including those with no science background or technical skills, to use new technologies to collect data that measures local air quality, understand what it means for their community, and work with others to make local policy and social changes that will improve the quality of the air for all.

Active in Athens, Berlin, Flanders and Sofia & Plovdiv, the COMPAIR community will share its results, data and methodologies so other groups from across the world can learn from our work and develop their own local air quality experiments.

We welcome feedback, tips and even encouragement from other community science initiatives so please feel free to drop us a line and say hello.


Air pollution is the largest environmental health risk in Europe

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Of the urban population exposed to dangerous levels of particulate matter (PM)


Premature deaths due to PM pollution exceeding WHO guideline level 



Children under the age of 18 die every year from exposure to air pollution

Learn more about air pollution 

What we are doing 


Creating communities to pinpoint local air quality issues

Local people who understand their neighbourhoods inside out are best placed to work together to pinpoint environmental issues and help create local solutions to tackle them.  

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Supporting citizens in running their own air quality experiments

Anyone regardless of background can join COMPAIR and participate in measuring and reviewing air quality against other city data sources.  COMPAIR supports volunteers with simple tools to help capture, compare and understand the data.

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Facilitating conversations with city decision

Understanding air quality data is not enough. COMPAIR helps volunteer groups to make their solutions real, from local actions everyone can take to influencing wider city policy.

COMPAIR helping to co-create greener, smarter cities 

Enabling everyone to contribite to better air quality

Expected impacts
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Multi-stakeholder collaboration across the entire urban value chain

High-quality citizen science data ready for use in policy making

Increased environmental awareness leading to behavioural change

More empowered and resilient communities

Air pollution in European cities reduced to levels that are considered safe for all


The COMPAIR project offers a cool new way to visualise and explore potential (urban) solutions quickly and effectively. Beyond visualisation, these projects are also offering a way for a range of people to work together to make more informed choices about what works best for them and their local areas.

- Independent Researcher, Leeds, UK

Its exciting to see the COMPAIR initiative work to build the confidence of people who are not normally enthused by science in using digital sensors to collect and analyse their own data. By supporting them to measure their behaviours and actions they will be empowered to make their own greener lifestyle choices.

- Regional Councillor, UK

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