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Reducing our carbon footprint for better air quality

Image by Markus Winkler

Together we can reduce our daily carbon emissions to create a cleaner, greener and healthier city for all  

The Athens experiments will engaging people in changing behaviours towards reducing carbon footprints and achieving better air-quality. This will be achieved through the development of a CO2 Simulation Dashboard available to all which will be distributed to people with air quality sensors.


People will insert data into the CO2 dashboard on their environmental habits and way of life. As an example, a local resident will be able to import data referring to the amount, type and energy consumption level of household appliances, his/her habits on waste management and recycling behavioural attitude, energy consumption information of the household, smoke and vapor emission levels, wood burning or other types of heating facilities etc. The Dashboard will calculate the carbon footprint of each user and will suggest interventions/recommendations to achieve lower emissions at a household level.

Image by David Tip


The experiments are supported by DAEM S.A. (City of Athens IT Company) which is the oldest and most significant Local Government IT Company in Greece. The development and promotion of new innovative services are fundamental to the smart and sustainable city idea, lies at the heart of DAEM’s interest and is a strategic objective at the city level. 

Image by Hert Niks

As a Citizen Science Volunteer you will

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The initiative is still in very early planning  stages but you can register your interest via email below.

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