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Exploring environmental issues related to commuting

Car Front

Together we can make transportation across the Sofia greener and healthier for all.   

Sofia is a regional hubs for innovation in Bulgaria known for its start-up ecosystem and very active citizen participation. Sofia also has very good coverage of citizens’ networks of air quality sensors that can be used for data reference, along with the National monitoring system that the two cities are having.


The Sofia pilot will enhance citizen science to cope with environmental problems related to commuting behaviour, sustainable mobility for students and choice of transport in general. Integrating government, private sector and citizens science data with impactful (personalized) awareness raising and concrete pilot implementations are key in the pilot cases.


Details of the first experiment areas will be made available soon.


Galleria Giorgio Franchetti


The experiments are supported by Sofia Development Association, a resource centre for research, analyses, innovations and experiment, which creates conditions and encourages the constant dialogue between civil society, business, Sofia Municipality and academic institutions.

Image by Deniz Fuchidzhiev

As a Citizen Science Volunteer you will

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The initiative is still in very early planning  stages but you can register your expression of interest via email below.

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