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Updates van de Vlaamse pilot

 Kids with  Masks

Together we can limit our personal exposure to harmful pollutants and create healthier, cleaner streets for all.   

A first Flanders experiment will scrutinize the impact of the implementation of school streets (streets that are closed to cars around a school during the time that children go to or leave the school). Both the impact on modal shift and air quality will be measured in the school street and the surrounding neighbourhood.


A second Flanders experiment will take exposure assessment of air pollution from a static to a dynamic level, i.e., taking the behaviour of citizens into account rather than just their home address (dynamic exposure). For this, we will enable citizens to monitor their personal exposure to air pollutants with a two-fold goal: (1) improving existing air quality models and their ability to estimate population exposure (better monitoring) & (2) engaging people in co-designing behavioural change actions targeted at reducing exposure and emissions. 


More information will be made available soon.


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Experiments will be supported by:

Flanders Environment Agency (abbreviated VMM) is an agency of the Flemish government that adopts an even stronger position as a solution-oriented partner. As an organisation, it sets out to have a positive impact on the living environment in Flanders and to help make it climate-proof. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we aim to achieve results on the ground and in our policy, so that we are able to respond quickly to the changing needs within society. With that aim in mind, we developed a new mission statement and vision and reorganised our entire operation.

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As a Citizen Science Volunteer you will

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What Next?

The initiative is still in very early planning  stages but you can register your interest in participating by using the contact form on the main menu.  Please remember to state clearly which city experiment you wish to participate in.  Thanks!

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